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Training & Technology

These are dynamic times for the building industry. New, powerful technology keeps opening new horizons in building processes, design and features. We have an obligation to our clients, and ourselves, to stay at the forefront of any new developments in the industry so we can continue to provide the most sustainable,, cost-effective, and integrated building processes possible. We are always mindful to maintain our focus on old-world craftsmanship while exploring the exciting potential of new-world technology.
Our in-house training program showcases our commitment to leading-edge sustainable and efficient building processes. Recent examples include green building/sustainable construction seminars and building information modeling (BIM)/Revit design training sessions led by industry professionals. Through our active, ongoing program, we make sure employees have the tools to help us maintain a competitive advantage in an ever-changing industry. Schommer & Sons supports and benefits from our affiliation with industry organizations including Associated General Contractors, National Association of Tower Erectors, U.S. Green Building Council and the Portland Sustainability Group.

For example...