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Schommer Team.jpgFrom the beginning, Andy Schommer surrounded himself with talented carpenters who shared his drive for quality workmanship. The team at Schommer & Sons today still includes carpenters plus a host of other skilled professionals who fulfill the demands of our high standards. Recognizing this team as our primary asset, the company fosters an environment that rewards innovation and loyalty.   

Schommer & Sons' commitment to our team and our values allows us to Construction Team.jpgexcel at what we do best: building. This passion comes from our many long-term and second generation employees. Without the drive to provide innovative building solutions, quality workmanship, and outstanding customer service, we would not be able to celebrate nearly 75 years of a quality building tradition. After restoring Saint Mary's Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, valued team member Dave O Longaigh with KPFF Consulting Engineers, stated:

  • "I have been greatly impressed and appreciative of the dedication to excellence the superintendents and workers on the (Saint Mary's Cathedral Project) have shown. This level of commitment is rare, even among the most successful contractors, and in your case it certainly has not gone unnoticed. We can all take great pride in our magnificent Cathedral..."