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Our Commitment

Schommer & Sons' business philosophy is simple: to maintain our reputation of Quality, Integrity, Service, and Teamwork. This philosophy has been a family tradition for 75 years, and will continue to be our guide for the next 75.  We promise to provide:

  1. Quality - build to exceed the expectations of our customers with the utmost craftsmanship expected on a Schommer & Sons project
  2. Integrity - conduct business with honesty and integrity which, in turn, has allowed us to maintain budgets, meet schedules, and establish long-lasting relationships
  3. Teamwork - work hand in hand with each member of the design and construction team to ensure the complete satisfaction of everyone involved
  4. Service - be your expert builder from the moment we are brought on the team to the moment we can proudly turn over a quality product

The end results are successful projects - projects we stand behind and projects which we are excited to present.  George Von Weller of Pepsi gave us a great complement when he stated that:

  • "Schommer & Sons operated with flawless efficiency. Our schedules were kept without fail and the quality of the Schommer work more than lived up to its reputation... They totally do their job which allows us to do ours without interference because of a construction project in our midst."

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