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Business Commitment

After 75 years as a Portland, Oregon based builder, we have picked up a few “green” tendencies over the years is an understatement. Portland is a “LEEDer” in the green building industry and Schommer & Sons has long been part of this green revolution. Whether in the office or on the job site, Schommer & Sons demonstrates a commitment to the environment and sustainable building. For example, we:

  • Integrate paperless accounting systems
  • Utilize new technology to identify exact material requirements, which reduces construction waste (more in Training & Technology
  • Build structures that are cost-effective and energy efficient, improving long-term fiscal performance for our clients
  • Submit requests for information and other paperwork digitally
  • Set up jobsite/office recycling programs that direct thousands of tons of waste away from landfills.  Provide a continuing education program that keeps employees up-to-date with the latest green building processes
  • Adhere to high standards of craftsmanship that respect the value of refurbishing existing structures and working within clearly-defined resources
  •  Explore and implement ways to reduce our carbon footprint; currently the company is working to reduce our vehicle emissions

At Schommer & Sons, our corporate “family” aims to build in a manner that is respectful, responsible and sustainable. We work to leave a legacy for which our children, and theirs, can be proud. This commitment was well established by the time we built Oregon’s third LEED Platinum building in 2009, and when we started donating deconstructed building materials in the late 1990s. To trace our efforts to respect the earth’s resources, we look to the company’s early days when we began refurbishing and restoring landmark projects around Portland. Sustainability has always been part of who we are and how we’ve practiced for over 75 years.

The Burnside Rocket’s “edible roof” cultivates produce for the Noble Rot restaurantRooftop Garden.jpg

The Burnside Rocket’s “edible roof” cultivates produce for the Noble Rot restaurant.